Sunday, May 19, 2013


Wow! I am in week 12 of my therapy. I feel like the time has passed quickly.  I have waited two months to post again. Not purposely. My therapy is labor intensive and leaves me little time for other things.  I have several things I'd like to address in this post.  It will be mostly informational.

I am doing very well.  I enjoy doing my therapy each day and look forward to it.  I am in contact with others on the same therapy and some do not enjoy it.  Some find the food boring and the routine a thorn in their side.  I am just the opposite.  To me, the food is delicious and the routine is comforting.

I want to dispel some myths about me and my therapy, give you a glimpse of my schedule and an idea of how much food I consume each week.

I am hearing from people that other people have told them certain things about me or my therapy that are untrue.  So here are some facts to clear things up:
-I am not on a liquid diet.
     I eat three regular, vegetarian meals.  Towards the end of the blog, I will post some pictures of previous
     meals I have had.
-I should not be exercising.
     When a person exercises, the body then goes into recovery mode.  This takes energy from the body.  On
     this therapy, the body needs to use all of its energy for healing.
-I don't feel sick.
     I feel great, as always.
-I don't have time to go to lunch or much free time.
     I would love to, but as you will see later when you see my schedule, there is little time.  If I am not juicing,
     I am most likely preparing a salad, or special soup, washing dishes, scrubbing carrots, showering,
     ordering supplements or produce, etc.
-I would love help!
     If you have an hour or two of down time, I would be relieved if you called to ask if you could stop by to
     help with food prep or maybe you could pick something up for me from the store.  Sometimes, It's hard
     for me to get out to do it myself.

Below is a list of items I use every week and an estimate of how much:
30# carrots
42-50 green apples
12 heads of lettuce
2 heads broccoli and cauliflower
8 green bell peppers
8-10 gallons distilled water
21 potatoes
14 tomatoes
8 onions/leeks
Citrus (oranges, lemons, grapefruit)
2 heads red cabbage
3 bunches of chard
3 pkgs of celery
350 supplements in pill form (some in liquid form)
All of the food has to be organic. No exceptions.  This is for detox purposes.

Now for an example of my daily schedule.  There are a few components to my therapy: Rest, nutrition and detox.  All three are included below:
6am Wake up, detoxing
7am Juicing, take supplements, prep breakfast (typically steel cut oats with an apple grated into it), eat
8am Still eating... make next juice when done, take supplements
9am Juicing, shower, scrub and cut tops of carrots for next few juices, store in fridge
10am Juicing, take more supplements, detoxing
11am Juicing, errands
12pm Juicing, take more supplements, pick and prep produce from garden for my lunch salad
1pm Juicing, take supplements, detoxing, prep rest of lunch items and cook (soup, potato, veggies)
2pm Juicing, eat lunch, take supplements
3pm Juicing, take supplements, clean up lunch mess
4pm Juicing, take supplements, begin to prep dinner for my family, wash dishes, etc
5pm Juicing, take supplements, detoxing
6pm Juicing, prep my dinner food, finish my family's dinner
7pm Juicing, eat dinner
8pm DONE WITH JUICING!! Organize supplements for the next day, prepare anything I didn't get to during the day, like soup or peppermint tea, etc
9pm Take bed time supplements and go to bed! Rest! Keep in mind that I have to fit in stuff like phone appointments with my doctor, getting blood work done, grocery store trips, ordering supplements, being a mother, wife, etc!

Now, I have many people to thank:
My God! He sustains me and provides for me, daily.
My family who asks what they can do to help
My carrot sponsor ;-)
Neighbors that have brought me flowers (and green apples from The Fresh Market) haha
People that have picked up items for me
People who have given me gift cards for groceries and supplies (sometimes anonymously)
People who have texted or called to give me encouragement
People who have come over to juice or prep food for me (so I can sit down!)
People who have sent me cards and care packages
People who have given me fresh, organic produce from their own gardens
The many people who have showed concern and love for me.
I honestly don't believe anyone has a better support system of friends and family than I do.

Whew! I got a lot into this blog. Next time, I will try not to wait so long.  I welcome any questions you may have.  If they are personal, please send me a private message.  Also, please don't share this with anyone, unless you get my permission.  Before you leave, don't forget to scan the pictures below of some meals I have eaten.  Bye bye!


  1. That's a heck of a schedule!! I would think I might find comfort in the routine though as well. I'm glad you are enjoying the food. I like fruits and some veggies, but I'm sure I'd still have some cravings. Hope yours are gone by now! Take care!

    1. Michael, I got teased for bringing m&ms & a pepsi to Moms house before I realized just how serious her therapy is. Lol '

  2. I think what you are doing is incredible and it shows a great deal of who you are and how strong you are not only in character but also in your faith. I hope things continue to progress well for you, and that hope stays fresh and relatively easy to come by. I know making large lifestyle changes with a full family can sometimes be quite difficult, I am so glad you are receiving the support you need to keep your days and spirits high.