Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 14

I have been holding off on creating another post until after I had my initial visit with my doctor.  I flew to the west coast at the end of February for a workshop on my therapy and my first appointment with the doctor.  I made this appointment on faith, not knowing any logistics.  This is how God worked it out for us:

A friend of ours asked us to use his frequent flyer miles.  We ended up staying with an aunt, who is about an hour away from the doctor.  A friend (who I didn't know had moved to WA a few years ago) provided transportation, and as mentioned in my last post, someone from my church, anonymously, provided the exact amount in cash for my first appointment with my doctor.  No one knew how much the appointment would cost...but that's just how God is!

 I enjoyed every part of the trip! The beauty of God's creation there was so amazing to me!  We visited with family and a friend of mine.  I met some other people who are undergoing the therapy also.  I was so nice to meet them and we are keeping in touch now.  The west coast is so different than here.  The overall attitude is one of health and taking care of yourself.  People were exercising, literally everywhere I went.  From morning until 9:00 at night!  Organic & healthy food grocery stores are in abundance and fast food places are sparse.  I saw McDonald's twice while I was there.  Here, we have three in my tiny town.  Basically, I am seeing more and more, how we, in the south, seem to be excited to buy cheap stuff.  We want the cheapest food, and household items, but when it comes to clothes/accessories, we want the expensive stuff.  Why do we want to put cheap junk into our bodies and adorn it with the expensive stuff?  What we put into our bodies affects what we get out of our bodies.  Junk in = junk out (i.e. sickness, disease, lethargy, depression, etc)  Seems like we have some priorities out of order.  We don't want to be sick or die of disease, yet we cram fast food burgers in our mouths because we "don't have time" to make dinner.  I long for the west coast logic, here in the south.  ...or maybe I should pick up and move to Cali (or Baja)!

Anyway, I started on the full therapy the day after I flew home.  That was day 1.  Today is day 14 and each day, I follow a strict schedule.  Every hour, on the hour, beginning at 7:00am, I prepare one of four organic juices.  I enjoy the fresh juice immediately with a cocktail of supplements, cleverly arranged by my doctor.  Add in breakfast, lunch and dinner and various other additions (prescribed by my doctor) and you have one FULL day of my therapy.  The therapy has a few components: Diet, juicing, detoxification, supplements, and rest.  My last juice of the day is 7:00pm, with my dinner.  So, around 8:00, I am finally done for the day.

I am feeling energetic and great!  Healing reactions are to be expected and are part of healing.  I will take them as they come.  I will keep the blog up to date, so check back for updates.  The therapy I'm on has been used to heal MS, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, tuberculosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia and most degenerative diseases.  Contact me, personally, if you have any questions about it.

Check out the pictures from my trip too! (a typical lunch or dinner on the therapy: soup, juice, salad, baked potato, spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and rye bread with plum/pear sauce on top, the spectacular view from the ferry and the healing center, where the workshop took place.
** Bye-Bye!


  1. Thinking about you and pray for good results with your treatment!

  2. So glad to see your update Darlene! I wanted to ask you on Sunday how it went but didn't get a chance since I was in the nursery. Many blessings and prayers. ~Janette

  3. I am proud of you for not admitting defeat. Takes a strong person to self discipline & stick with the routine. Praying & we love ypu so much! Wish we were closer.

  4. So glad to hear you are able to pursue this type of healing in lieu of so many other types of treatmemt. That is fantastic to hear how God made this happen for you. You are absolutely right about the West Coast's approach to health and fitness, it is refreshing but it is also unfortunate that the West Coast is so liberal in their thinking to a fault :( Praying for your continued success in this lifestyle change and for complete irradication of the cancer. Love ya :)