Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gotta get busy

  I’d like to illustrate a picture for you using two true stories.  One is about my neighbor who is a wise man around 80.  Daily he travels the fields & pastures behind his home with his dog & shotgun.  No, he isn't hunting, he’s just keeping any eye on everything.  But he is prepared and armed to take action if needed.  The second story is of an elderly man my husband did some work for recently.  The man came in a little after dark one day from working in his fields.  Inside his house he was surprised to find a vagrant man along with the man’s bicycle and bag!  The vagrant informed him that he was going to sleep there for the night.  Our elderly friend quickly went to retrieve his shotgun and replied “This says you’re not!”  The vagrant ran out of the house, leaving his bicycle and bag. 
  So, my neighbor stays on guard, looking to eradicate trouble when it pops up.  But our elderly friend doesn't seem to be as alert.  Hopefully he’ll be locking his doors more. 
  Lately, I've felt more like our friend & less like our neighbor.  I've been letting negative thoughts in my mind, then considering them instead of immediately eradicating them.  I failed to see the damage being done.  Eventually, I succumbed to a state of despair and hopelessness.  These attacks on my mind were constant.  I found some Bible verses regarding health, life, etc. and wrote them down.  I began speaking each verse out loud to my soul and contrasting each attack on my mind with a truth from God’s Word.  I also had some more physical changes to make—like getting dressed each day, instead of wearing pajamas all day.  In the movie Shawshank Redemption, Morgan Freeman’s character refers to our choice to “get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’”.  I’m ashamed to say I had not been busy livin’.  It’s not easy to make a transition.  I’m so grateful for the support and encouragement I've been given.  Once I recognized and admitted my problem, help started to pour in.  Last week another encouragement came.  I found out I've been accepted for testing and evaluation at the Cancer Treatment Center of America, near Atlanta.  During next week we should have more information on recommended treatments.  I like the picture my friend had in her mind of me showing up at the Cancer Treatment Center:

Her picture was me, walking through their doors with about 300 of my family and friends behind me—all of us saying “We’re here!” 

  I will try to stay in touch to keep you all updated.  If you have our number and want an update, please call.  My husband doesn't text.  I expect a visit from everyone. J  I’m filled with love for you all.  Your support and help mean so much. 

Thank you-- Darlene